New arts and crafts studio opens in Hinckley’s Artisan Centre

A new business offering unique handmade items and crafting workshops has opened at the Artisan Centre in Hinckley.

The venture, Quirky’s HQ, is run by local craft expert and businesswoman Sarah Gillespie, who moved into the centre a month ago.

Her business, one of several based in various studios throughout the Artisan Centre, sells bespoke handmade items such as cushions and other household decorations; and also offers crafting and art workshops to the general public.

“The Artisan Centre’s been going for about a year. Basically, it’s geared up around people crafting, making, making to teach and making to sell. Anything that’s to do with art, crafting or making,” Sarah said.


“Here at Quirky’s HQ, I specialise in memory cushions that are made out of loved ones’ clothing. I feel that this gives somebody more comfort, having it in a cushion form, rather than it being sat in a drawer.

“I offer workshops, beginners’ sewing lessons and I also do machine hire. I am working, at the moment, on prototypes ready for workshops for the general public to book on and come and do some workshops with me.”

The workshops in particular are close to the owner’s heart, as she spoke passionately about the reasons behind her decision to run friendly workshops for the general public.

“I feel crafting is great therapy for people that have problems with depression and anxiety. It’s a great way for them to get out, meet like-minded people, make new friends and they’re learning new skills while they’re here.”

To discuss the array of items Quirky HQ has for sale or to express interest in attending a workshop, you can contact Sarah on 07872 665211 or send a message to her Facebook page.

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